Practices Start Next Week!

Posted by Sami Ciotka on Oct 08 2020 at 11:47AM PDT

Hello Hockey Parents: We are very happy to say that we will be starting practices next week. To say hockey will look different this year is an understatement.
The first practices will be Wednesday night (Oct 14th) as follows:
6-6:50 U7 (Timbits)
7-7:50 U11 (Atom)
8-8:50 U13 (Peewee)
9-9:50 U18 (Midget)
The following week, starting Oct 19th, there will also be practices on Monday night as follows:
6-6:50 U9 (Novice)
7-7:50 U11 (Atom)
8-8:50 U13 (Peewee)
9-9:50 U15 (Bantam)
These Monday and Wednesday practice times will be followed until we get a clear count on registrations. Please be patient with us as we adjust to the new COVID requirements. We may have to shift some practice times.
As you can see there is more than one practice time for some age groups because there is more than one team in those age groups. For now however, please attend both practices until we determine which players will be on which team. We are required to balance the skill level between teams. This may mean we will need to shuffle kids around more than once.
There are some other significant rule changes for all levels, such as 3 on 3 format, only 10 players + 1 goalie per team, no penalties but penalty shots instead, no intentional body contact of any kind, no face offs, and a few other interesting rules. Please click this link for a full list of rules:
We are also working with the town on new protocols while at the arena. This could include dressing your child at home, arriving only at a certain time before the practice/game, leaving within a certain time after, who can enter dressing rooms, etc. Once the protocols are finalized we will post them here and on our website. Please respect the protocols as we are trying to keep everyone safe while letting our kids enjoy hockey.
All age divisions will be playing in the CAHL. We are working with the other CAHL associations to begin games mid-November. At this point we do not know how many games will be played each weekend, how long the season will last, or when playoffs will begin.
Also note, if you were late registering your child, we will do our best to find a spot for your favourite player. However please note that we are being mandated to keep league numbers to 50 or less. That means between Blind River, Thessalon, Elliot Lake, and the North Channel we can only have 50 players in any given age division. Unfortunately we cannot just simply accept as many as we want, like we’ve done in the past. We are working hard to come up with options to ensure every child gets to play.
Thank you and we appreciate your support and understanding while we move forward in this new era of hockey.
Good luck to everyone who plays and remember to have fun!

BRMHA Executive*


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