COVID 19 Protocol

Posted by Sami Ciotka on Oct 12 2020 at 01:46PM PDT

Hello Hockey Parents: As mentioned in an earlier post, here are the COVID protocols that must be followed during practices and games:
- EVERYONE must wear a mask in the arena;
- Sanitize hands upon entry;
- Please arrive no sooner than 20 minutes before your scheduled time;
- You must sign in with arena staff. There will be a BRMHA volunteer helping with this. We are looking for volunteers;
- For U7 (Timbits) and U9 (Novice), please come fully dressed. To put skates on, please use the area next to the visitor’s bench. PLEASE SOCIALLY DISTANCE YOURSELVES.
- for all other age groups there will be dressing rooms available. If you child needs assistance to get dressed, the player must dress at home or must exit the dressing room to ask a PARENT/GUARDIAN for assistance. Parents/Guardians are not to enter dressing rooms.
-Players must wear masks while in dressing rooms and socially distance;
-Players must remain in dressing rooms until their coach says it time to go on the ice;
- While watching, please socially distance, and wear your mask. We are only permitted 50 spectators at a time in the arena. Therefore we may ask you to wait outside until someone leaves;
- Players are to bring their own water bottles with their name on it, and no sharing of bottles allowed;
-Players have 15 minutes after to practice to change and exit the arena.
- There will be no Lost and Found. All items left behind will be discarded immediately.
These protocols may change as necessary as the season progresses. Please be patient as we work through this together. Remember, these protocols are in place to keep your favourite players healthy and safe.
Thank you and remember it is hockey, it is supposed to be fun!


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